Furniture Removal

Experience hassle-free and efficient solutions for disposing of your unwanted furniture.

Appliance Removal

Fast and reliable services to safely dispose of your unwanted appliances.

Yard Waste Removal

Clean up your outdoor space with professional solutions.

Construction Debris Removal

Streamline your project with experts for removal of construction waste.


Efficiently and professionally declutter and clean out your garage, office, storage unit, basement, and more.

Trash Removal

Properly dispose of all types of trash and unwanted household waste.

Light Demolition

We offer a comprehensive light demolition service to assist you in removing various items such as sheds, playsets, trampolines, flooring, carpet, and more.

Heavy Material

We specialize in dealing with heavy materials.

Minimum Pickup

Our minimum pickup service offers a convenient solution for customers with a limited number of items to be collected.


Discover the wide array of items we can efficiently remove for you.

Local Experts In Your Community

The Junk Removal Company is a locally-owned and operated business based in Malibu, CA. We work hard to provide our neighbors with the best junk removal experience.

Same/Next Day Service

Looking for swift removal? One of the advantages of choosing our services is our prompt response time. We prioritize efficiency and aim to have your space free of unwanted items within 24 hours.

On-Time Arrival

We provide the flexibility to select an arrival window that aligns with your schedule. Rest assured, our team will arrive within the specified time frame and even notify you in advance when we are en route.

Professional Service

Our dedicated team is characterized by punctuality, professionalism, thoughtfulness, a polished appearance in uniform, and a proactive readiness to tackle any task. We embrace hard work without hesitation, ensuring a meticulous approach to efficiently manage and eliminate your clutter.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

In the process of collecting your items, our team meticulously categorizes them, distinguishing those suitable for recycling or donation centers. Our commitment is to minimize the environmental impact by conscientiously reducing the amount of material destined for landfills.

Licensed & Insured

The team at The Junk Removal Company is fully licensed and insured, setting us apart from other services in our industry. Our commitment to professionalism is reflected in our constant state of readiness and preparedness for every project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We consistently exceed expectations to demonstrate why choosing Junk Removal Company is the optimal solution for your debris removal requirements. Our commitment is to guarantee your utmost satisfaction, reflecting our dedication to delivering unparalleled service.

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